The first and most powerful Auction extension for Magento on the market that helps conduct online Magento auction, allowing customers to bid for products.
  • Run auction for a product
  • Run many auctions at the same time
  • “Going, going and gone” feature
  • Reserved price and Auto bid

    Magento Auction extension

The Auction system looked to be simple to use and ticked all the boxes for what we wanted to be able to do. We had a couple of minor things occur which your excellent support were very quick to deal with. I can’t say we have had any major problems though – it just works great.”  Rob Turnbull – Manager of


Online auctions have become big business and never been more popular, with millions of items for sale at any given time. It is very dynamic pricing environment as buyers are competitors in purchasing good deals or limited products. One reason for the incredible growth and popularity is that it makes people easy to find great deals on hard to find items from around the world. Instead of implementing online auctions through external sites such as eBay, Yahoo!, entrepreneurs can also build an in-house system by running a module.
magento auction extension | benefits


magento auction extension | how it works


Displaying auctions on a separate page
A separate auction listing page is created on your site so Customers can easily find detailed information about all available auctions, including start price, current price, number of bids, time left, etc.
magento auction extension | auction listing page
Bid options
There are 2 bid options: Standard Bid and Auto Bid. Customers can use the Auto bid function when they are not able to follow the auction’s happenings regularly. Simply set their maximum affordable price and the system will auto-bid for them.
magento auction extension | auction bid options
“Going, going and gone” auction feature
At the close time of each online auction, you can set an amount of extended time which will appear and count down. Anyone places a bid during that time will make it reset, count down again. The process keeps repeating until there is a winner. It reproduces a real auction when the auctioneer says “going, going, gone”.
magento auction extension | “Going, going and gone” auction feature
Reserve price
An auction can start at a low price to generate interest and bidding of potential bidders, but the item will not be sold unless the bidding reaches the minimum price - namely Reserved Price - that you set before. This feature protects you from having to sell your item at a price that you feel too low.
magento auction extension | reserve price
Following auctions’ status
If Customers are interested in many auctions, they can add them to a watching list to receive notification emails about the status of each auction. Transactions related to an auction can be viewed in My Account.
magento auction extension | follow auctions
Email notifications
Our Auction extension will send notification emails to administrators and bidders to keep them updated with auction status, such as: new bids, cancellation, highest bids…